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After a series of negative criticism earlier, Andy Lau Tak Wa with the passing of time has returned in popularity. Two nights ago Wa Jai attended apm shopping center Christmas lighting ceremony. Wa Jai brought his "sons" Box and Andox to dance and sing. The audience response was passionate with repeatedly "encore" calls. Perhaps earlier Wa Jai experienced a depression, two nights ago he was rather touched and in a great mood to see so many supporting him. How will he spend this Christmas? He expressed that as artists going out was inconvenient, so during Christmas he will support Sammi Cheng Sau Man's concert. As for being a guest performer, he expressed that Sammi has not officially invited him. As for Christmas gifts for the family, Wa Jai honestly said that he rarely did it because he mostly worked during Christmas. Instead he would exchange gifts with the crew and co-workers more. He also said that two nights ago after singing a few songs he would like to perform a Christmas concert next year.

This Christmas, aside from Sammi's concert, on the 26th he will go to the Shaolin Temple for the film NEW SHAOLIN (SUN SIU LUM JI). He will shave his head for the performance. Wa Jai now is already training hard for the film. Everyday he spent four hours on martial art training, two hours of which were spent on stretching. He even got a Shaolin Temple expert to train him. This month he had to learn the steps then the ways. Although he was busy with his training, Wa Jai felt it was very suitable for him as a means of Buddhism. Wa Jai pointed out that his mentor praised that he looked the part, he felt that the martial art that he was learning was very different from what he was used to seeing. Earlier when he trained he injured his right hand but now the bruise was gone. In the film he had many fight scenes with Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Jason Wu Jing. Reporters pointed out that in reality they all fought better than him, which Wa Jai agreed with. Yet in the film he had to be better than them.

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