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The cast of ON PEDDER has been like a family since the beginning.

Lai Yiu Cheung talked about the meeting scene that they worked on that day, which had no emotional scenes and Chan Hung Lit appeared to be fine in.

A relationship with Cheng Pei Pei

His marriage with Angela Pan Yan-Tze did not last

TVB anniversary

An ad campaign with Lavina


with Moses Chan Ho
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Mr. Yim Sr. Fought To The End

Veteran actor Chan Hung Lit passed away at the age of 66 (1943-2009). While working on his TVB series OFF PEDDER (BUT DA JI GEI YUN) he suddenly felt chest pain and lost consciousness. He was rushed to the hospital and passed away at 7:11PM. OFF PEDDER was Chan Hung Lit's final work. In the show he played the Kam Bo Group chair "Mr. Yim Sr." who worked until his final breath.

TVB last night held long term service award ceremony. Veteran actors originally were very excited, but when they learned about the news of Lit Gor's passing. Everyone regretted the loss of a good actor and a good co-worker as the atmosphere grew more serious.

Chan Hung Lit yesterday worked on OFF PEDDER in Television City. Around 4PM while changing in the dressing room with his on screen son Stephen Au Kam Tong he suddenly felt chest pain. Au Kam Tong immediately notified the producer and called for an ambulance. TVB security first arrived and Chan Hung Lit at the time already lost consciousness. CPR was applied immediately. Chan Hung Lit was rushed to the Tseung Kwan O hospital and passed away at 7:11PM.

Sister Rushed To The Hospital

TVB chief Stephen Chan Chi Wan upon learning the news of Chan Hung Lit's passing felt sudden and sadden. He said, "At the station anniversary (19th) I met with Chan Hung Lit. At the time I even praised his performance as Elvis outstanding. Their performance even got the anniversary show its highest rating of 39 points. (Mona) Fong yat Wa also expressed concern about receiving the news, as long as Chan Hung Lit's family required assistance, TVB will fully assist." Because Chan Hung Lit's family was in Taiwan, TVB immediately notified his sister in Hong Kong to rush to the hospital.

OFF PEDDER In Memory Opening Credit

Did TVB have special treatment for elderly actors or prevention from overexhaustion during production? Chan Chi Wan said, "The company cares about its senior actors, but even with annual physical examination one cannot fight how fragile life is." In memory of Chan Hung Lit, not only last night's SCOOP had a story about Chan Hung Lit's life but also OFF PEDDER's opening credit had a few words. "Dear Big Brother Hung Lit, Thank you for everything. We will always miss you." At the same time, last night's OFF PEDDER story featured Boss Yim when he discovered Yu Ka Sing (Lai Yiu Cheung) was his son.

Once Linked in Rumor with Mandy Lee Cho

Mandy Lee Cho and Chan Hung Lit due to the proximity of their homes shared a ride to work and were linked in rumors. Cho Man Lei expressed that everyone knew the rumors were false. In her mind, Lit Gor was a very open elder who was in great spirit and always had a smile on
his face.

Florence Kwok Broke Down

Chan Hung Lit lately has been working on TVB's ON PEDDER and TIN YU DEI (HEAVEN AND EARTH). While he was being treated at the hospital, co-workers all arrived, including his ON PEDDER son Au Kam Tong and daughter Florence Kwok Siu Wan, as well as WAR AND BEAUTY (GUM JI YUK YIP) producer Chik Kei Yi and Charmaine Sheh Si Man. When they left they were full of sorrow, Kwok Siu Wan even broke down in tears.

Angelina Lo Yuen Yen Remembers Being Carried

Lo Yuen Yen said, "The most memorable was in BEST SELLING SECRETS (TONG SI SAM FUN CHUN), Lit Gor had to carry me and run. After I learned that he was hospitalized, I wished that he would be fine. Finally the news of his death came and I was very sad."

Old Partner Cheng Pei Pei Sadden

Tam Bing Man said, "Very tragic, all I can say is going like this he didn't have to suffer from pain and illness." Bing Gor had heart problems. "Luckily I was able to get over it, now I have a pace maker." Chun Wong described Chan Hung Lit's passing as a tremendous loss in show business. "He was a good actor, and a nice guy. veteran actors are going one after another. I also 'longed' for this type of fast departure, it's better than suffering from pain and illness."

Chan Hung Lit worked with cheng Pei Pei a lot during their Shaw days. Currently she is working in the Mainland. Cheng Pei Pei's sister expressed that she was notified and was very saddened.

Leung Shun Yin also felt that Chan Hung Lit's passing at 66 was truly too soon. Law Lok Lam sighed that life passed too quickly; at the same time, a group of veteran actors were all saddened by Chan Hung Lit's departure.

Aimee Chan Yan Mei: Lit Gor Liked To Be Cheerful

Aimee Chan Yan Mei described Lit Gor as a great elder who liked to make fun and be cheerful. He brought people around him a lot of joy. She said, "He always asked us to live everyday happily, then we would naturally radiate. Every time I saw him, he truly was very happy."

Cheng Yan Yi said, "Very shocking, I don't know what to say. Chan Hung Lit was someone who was full of energy. I hoped Lit B (their nickname for Chan Hung Lit) rest in peace." Alvian Kong Yan Yin expressed that she received the news while shopping and she could not stop crying.  "I really couldn't accept it. We worked together on a series for three years. We talked and we laughed like a family. I hope his family won't be too upset."

Return to TVB And Won Best Supporting Actor

Chan Hung Lit was a Shaw era martial art star, famous for playing villains. Later he joined TVB on three occasions. The three time he returned to TVB it was the second spring of his performance career. In 2004, Chan Hung Lit played Sun Ching Wa in WAR AND BEAUTY, which won him the Best Supporting Actor award. In recent years in ON PEDDER he played Boss Yim and displayed rich man's aura. Lit Gor's regality came from being born with a silver spoon in his mouth in Shanghai. Later in TVB his roles were all wealthy people.

Two Marriages, First Wife Angela Pan Yin-Tze

Chan Hung Lit was married twice. His first wife was Taiwan female star Angela Pan Yin-Tze. After their divorce, Chan Hung Lit carried the name of a cheater. His image was harmed and his development ran into trouble. His second wife Tsui Sai Wing was 19 years his junior. They had two children. The older daughter is studying economics in Taiwan's Tamkang University, while the younger son just started high school.