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Mike Ho (Hor Kwan Cheung) starred in the Alfred Cheung Kin Tin directed LOVE AT SEVENTH SIGHT (7 TIN OI SEUNG NEI) with Golden Horse Best Actress Li Xiaolu. Earlier he came to promote in Hong Kong. He said that this was his first collaboration with Li Xiaolu. Earlier they were just acquaintances.

Hor Kwan Cheung said, "Yet as soon as the production started we had to hold each other like a couple, the atmosphere inevitably was somewhat awkward. At the time Li Xiaolu even joked that she was full so he should not touch her belly." Did he have any pressure? He said, "After the shoot began I realized that she won Best Actress at a very young age. On the plane I held the newspaper and joked that her teenage look didn't resemble her." As for the strong popularity of Joseph Cheng Yuen Cheung and Wu Chen, were they threats to him? He said, "No, we all develop on our own. I don't like comparison. I hope to have no rivalry with the world."

Hor Kwan Cheung also said that he watched Cheung Kin Ting's films since he was very little. The most memorable was DANCES WITH THE DRAGONS (YU LUNG GONG MO). As for fun tidbits from the production, Hor Kwan Cheung said, "Director Cheung spoke Putonghua with me, sometimes his pronunciation wasn't accurate so I would misunderstand. Once he asked me to attend a premiere but made it sound like a 'hand job'. He even said that many people watched and applauded. After hearing we all felt that was funny." In order to have several more markets, he was studying Cantonese. Now he can understand a little.

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