Tuesday, November 24, 2009


courtesy of takungpao.com

Kitty Zhang Yuqi and Leon Jay Willaims worked together on JUMP! (TIU CHOOK HUI). This was their first collaboration and both had nothing but praise for the other. Zhang Yuqi said that Lap Wai Lim was a very nice and very polite person. They got along very pleasantly. Although Lap Wai Lim replaced Edison Chen Koon Hei in the reshoot, when they worked together they never discussed the previous male lead. She instead felt Lap Wai Lim was very suitable for this character. If Chen Koon Hei was more easy going and energetic, Lap Wai Lim seemed to be more masculine and a different type of guy.

Lap Wai Lim expressed that he saw Zhang Yuqi at an event and never expected to have a chance to work together so soon, not to mention playing a couple. He felt Yuqi was an energetic girl who really knew how to act. They got along very pleasantly. He recalled a romantic walk and kiss scene on the streets of Shanghai. That was during the winner and Shanghai was only two to three degrees Celsius. The director dressed very heavily, both their costumes were very flimsy. Romance under such a condition was truly tough. Once during their kiss scene, he even sensed her teeth chattering. Yet they had to play in love, which was truly funny. They dared not laugh out loud. Of course they had bad takes but the director was understanding. He let them warm up with ginger tea before shooting again. After the shoot, they immediately put on their heavy coats and heating pads.

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