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Liu Kai Chi, Nick Cheung Ka Fai
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Liu Kai Chi recently worked on Wong Jing's new film TO LIVE AND DIE IN MONGKOK (WONG GOK GAM YUK), in which mob member Cheung Ka Fai went to prison and suffered from personality split into a good and evil side. Ka Fai expressed that earlier he read about many cases. Mental illness is actually very common, overseas someone had 24 different personalities.

Ka Fai expressed that the most difficult scene was with the character's mother Paw Hee Ching. The scene required a lot of abilities. Was he afraid that he had emotional disorder? He said, "Actually when I made the film RED RIVER I was depressed and needed medication to keep it under control. That time I was in the Mainland for several months and could not leave the character. This time is better, I can go home." Would he consider his family's feeling and not make depressed characters? He said that he would but actually comedy was tough as well. He said, "Once on the streets someone came up and joked with me, thinking that I was very funny. I had to think about how to handle that." Ka Fai said that the more difficult part was he played a similar character in the film SWEET REVENGE (GEI SUN YUN), so he had to perform differently.

Ka Fai honestly said that he had a temper and impulsive moments in real life, luckily he was able to control himself. He said, "I hope that my emotional quotient can be higher, but as an artist, high EQ means less explosiveness in acting." Ka Fai and Wong Jing were good friends. When asked whether he got a raise after winning Best Actor, he said, "Yes, Brother Jing is very direct. He gave a reasonable price." Ka Fai also praised Monica Mok Siu Kei's performance as great.

Liu Kai Chi praised Cheung Ka Fai's acting improvement. Did Uncle Chi enjoy making films or television series? He said, "I enjoy stage performance more. Sometimes when I talk with people in the industry I think about putting the stage interpretation on the screen." Will Uncle Chi return to TVB? He expressed probably not, depending on whether the job would be suitable. Uncle Chi was asked whether his wife Chan Man Yi will make a comeback. He honestly said that his wife is busy with community work and no longer had an interest in acting.

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