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Leon Jay Williams (Lap Wai Lim), Kitty Zhang Yuqi
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Kitty Zhang Yuqi (right)
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The Star Overseas and China Film Group joint production, the inspirational dance romantic comedy JUMP (TIU CHOOK HUI) will soon be released. Because the film was shot after Edison Chen Koon Hei's "sex photo" scandal, Chen Koon Hei's part has been removed. Director Stephen Fung Tak Lun cast Taiwan actor Leon Jay Williams (Lap Wai Lim) in Chen Koon Hei's "young entrepeneur" role and shot anew. The film thus was behind schedule and over budget. Now the film is finally released and Chen Koon Hei's part has been completely removed.

The original creator of the story and the executive producer is Stephen Chow Sing Chi. He expressed that he has always been interested in youth inspirational stories. He wanted to make how they overcome difficulties and their persistence of their dreams into a movie, and this film used dance as its subject. Kitty Zhang Yuqi plays Choi Fung, a girl who grew up in a farm village and is full of passion for dance. Zhang Yuqi also admired Choi Fung's persistence in her own belief and felt that this role who continuously worked hard toward her dream was very attractive to her. She felt that people who persist in their dreams deserved respect.

Zhang Yuqi also pointed out that Choi Fung like her was a simple and direct girl. Her friends said that she was very "natural"; and she and Choi Fung were both "tom boys". For this role, she had to spend a lot of physical energy because she had many dance scenes. She already began to study dance half a year before the film, almost everyday she was practicing in the studio. Fortunately she studied tribal dance and had a basic foundation. Zhang Yuqi also praised Fung Tak Lun for giving them a lot of freedom to perform. The director also always had a lot of snacks around him. After every shot during playback she would grab his snacks to eat.

Director Fung Tak Lun also praised Zhang Yuqi's performance that was filled with Choi Fung's character. He himself loved to work with new comers whether on screen or off because they would always bring surprise and new inspiration. Fung Tak Lun also pointed out that he was very honored to be able to work with Sing Yeh, which was like a dream come true. At first when he was asked if he was interested in a movie about a farm girl who loves to dance in the city, he of course agreed right away. Chow Sing Chi also praised Fung Tak Lun as as a new generation outstanding director. Movies, music videos and television series that he directed in the past all had great word of mouth. As a director, his passion for music and sharp sense for dance were required. He also believed that he had his own young people film production ideas.

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