Tuesday, November 3, 2009


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The Danny Pang Fat directed genre breaking film SEVEN 2 ONE (GUAN YUN 7 SI) will open this Thursday (the 5th). Lead actress Elanne Kong Yuek Lam in order to play well the suspected prostitute beer promoter gave up her girl next door image and was even linked in rumors with Chau Pak Ho. In the film, Elanne in order to pay off her gambling addict boyfriend Pakho's debts sold her body for money as she and Leo (Chim Chi Man) conduct an indecent proposal, but Pakho continues to gamble boldly. Elanne threatens him with her life in hopes of changing his ways. In the film they argue several times over raising money. Enraged, Elanne runs into the road and gets run over. For realism, Elanne fearlessly performed the stunt herself. Yet because it almost took all night, she was almost foaming at the mouth.

Elanne said, "Because the road had to be cleared for the shoot, it had to be shot at night. In addition the car sent me flying three to four meters away, the stunt need needed more time to measure. Finally during the official shoot I was already very tired. Luckily after the crash I didn't have to react, I took the chance to rest." Pakho had to wail in a very short time so the scene absolutely was a challenge for him. He said, "I really haven't cried in a long time. I don't have much acting experience either. I could only treat Elanne like my girlfriend. I cried very easily and successfully completed this wailing on the street scene." The funny part was afterward Elanne complained that he was too noisy and kept her from sleeping. He was very helpless.

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