Sunday, November 22, 2009


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The Alfred Wong Kin Ting directed, popular Taiwan idol Mike Ho (Hor Kwan Cheung) and Li Xiaolu starred film LOVE AT SEVENTH SIGHT (CHUT TIN OI SEUNG NEI) will open in Hong Kong on the 26th. Yesterday Hor Kwan Cheung made to Hong Kong for a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Because Hor Kwan Cheung and Cheung Kin Ting shared the same birthday on December 28, the event arranged for birthday cakes for them to celebrate in advance. They even arranged for fans to present gifts to Hor Kwan Cheung and express their love on stage, one of the gifts was the autograph of Hor Kwan Cheung's goddess Vivian Chow Wai Man.

On this birthday, Hor Kwan Cheung might be on vacation and planned to travel to Europe. In Taiwan he also will celebrate with fans. As for his hopes for the box office, he expressed that he never thought about that and hoped for good performance. The entire film was shot in Beijing, did he has any memorable event? He expressed that in one scene he and Li Xiaolu had to build a tree house. Although it was made from steel and concrete, it collapsed after three days in the storm. He fortunately was able to escape. Did he and Li Xiaolu have any intimate scene? He said that this was a romantic story so of course that could not be missed.

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