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The Jingle Ma Chor Sing directed film MULAN (FA MUK LAN) will soon open. Ma Chor Sing earlier promoted the film with Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) in Hong Kong. Ma Chor Sing said that this time he took three months on the production, just the female lead Hua Mulan's casting took a lot of effort.

Ma Chor Sing said, "We looked at the real Hua Mulan status. Her face wasn't pointed and she wasn't fragile. The Zhang Ziyi type was too thin. (Vicki) Zhao Wei was more suitable." He praised that Cho Ming's performance was great. He was an obedient and smart actor. Did the director deliberately give Cho Ming the chance? He said, "No, I am not playing favorites. This time every actor did very well. Both Chen Kun and Zhao Wei played very well." He pointed out that the most difficult to control was the large scale scenes. The set could have 500 to 1,000 people and 500 horses, just the positioning alone took 20 minutes. In one scene, 500 soldiers cried together. Earlier reportedly the film's extras complained about Ma Chor Sing scolding with foul language. Cho Ming immediately said, "Anyone who worked with the director knew that he isn't like that." Ma Chor Sing honestly said that he has seen such reports and felt that the anonymous letter was planned and should be from some speculation company. He said, "They say I discriminate against Mainland actors, not paying them and using foul language to scold them. Zhao Wei is a Mainland actress. Even she said why did the director treat her great. They say that I cut their scenes. I am the director, my edit is for the film." Ma Chor Sing felt that this time he was used. They could say whatever they liked, he would not fall for the trick of promoting for someone else.

Cho Ming expressed that the Northwest temperature was only 16 degrees Celsius below zero. As soon as he opened his mouth it was filled with sand. His lips were severely chapped and the shoot was rather tough. Was he the most concerned about his final scene? He said, "I am very nervous and it is very severe. It was fine, I didn't have too many bad takes." Did Cho Ming get a salary raise? He honestly said that he did in comparison to his first few films, but his salary was around there. He said, "I am looking for a movie that stars me, only then will my salary be increased. Actually I am already very happy to have a good script. I don't really care because my real job is music." Cho Ming's birthday will be coming up and he hoped to have time to celebrate it with his parents.

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