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Wai Ying Hung and Tsui Tin Yau earlier worked together on the new film AT THE END OF DAYBREAK (SUM MOR) and even performed a mother and son fight scene. Wai Ying Hung was very satisfied with her appearance without any make up and giving her all in the fight scene. As for the mother and son relationship with Tin Yau, she also put a lot of effort into its careful interpretation to pretend achieving the opposite effect with an excessive performance.

Text: Wong Chi Ying
Photo: Tang Kwok Leung
Hair: Eton @ Double H (Tsui Tin Yau)
Make Up: Karmen Leung (Tsui Tin Yau)
Fashion: House of Chapel (Tsui Tin Yau)

Wai Ying Hung and Tsui Tin Yau earlier in the Ho Yu Hung directed new film AT THE END OF DAYBREAK worked together for the first time. They even played a pair of mother and son who depended on each other. Wai Ying Hung expressed years ago she already received Ho Yu Hung's invitation to work together, but because her work schedule was always full she did not have the chance until now. In order to bring this mother role to life, she even personally did her hair and appeared without any make up. "The director gave me the freedom to perform. In one scene I had to scratch and fight Tin Yau for nearly two minutes, after completing that scene I lay on the ground and tried to catch my breath. I was very satisfied when I saw the result, but Tin Yau's neck was all red from my scratches. I also put aloe on his wounds in a hurry but forgot that aloe skin had pricks. His skin was bruised again."

Speaking of the mother who spoilt her son in the film, Wai Ying Hung honestly said that in order to keep from excessive performance and upsetting anyone, she took particular care in handling her performance. In reality, Wai Ying Hung straightly said that if she had any children, she definitely would be an outstanding mother. "When I see how my friends and family do not know how to raise their children, I am very pessimistic. Whether it is the weather, the environment and competitiveness, a lot of conditions and factors affect that. I believe a nice person with a good environment definitely can support that." Wai Ying Hung also said that she thought about adopting a child but in Hong Kong singles cannot adopt a child. Although it is possible in many places in the Mainland, she is afraid that she cannot handle it.

Tsui Tin Yau Is Excessively In Character

Tin Yau said after working with Wai Ying Hung, he sensed that she was a great person. During the shoot they had exchanges and she was an experienced good actor. Tin Yau pointed out that in the month long shoot in Malaysia, the most unforgettable was working on a movie outside by himself. Only he knew his own pain. He said, "Before starting work on this film, I arrived in Malay two weeks before in order to understand and experience the life there and thus help me get into character. There I realize that the younger generation doesn't have too many special accents, but some lines require tone practice. Working alone abroad, I felt a little depressed from the film. I didn't know during the shoot whether my performance was right or not, which messed me up a little. After completing this scene, I didn't adjust right away when I returned to Hong Kong. Ultimately I was used to living elsewhere. I also understood that I couldn't change back right away. Luckily my ability to adapt was strong. Meeting with friends I got to be the ordinary me, very sooner I returned to my former self."

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