Tuesday, November 17, 2009


courtesy of takungpao.com

MULAN (FA MUK LAN) two nights ago held its global premiere in Beijing. Director Jingle Ma Chor Sing, actors Vicki Zhao Wei, Chen Kun, Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming), Nicky Lee Gau Jit, Vitas and the film song performers Stefanie Sun Yanzi and Jane Zhang Liangying all made appearances.

Because several actors can sing in the film, the premiere resembled a concert. Fong Cho Ming and Lee Gau Jit first performed. Zhao Wei and Chen Kun then appeared hand in hand and performed two songs. Although the film song performance went to Sun Yanzi and Zhang Liangying, Zhao Wei showed her humorous side as soon as she appeared. Not only did she strongly promoted herself but also sang the theme song. She said, "The director prefers Yanzi more and used Yanzi's as the theme song. I also said a song with the same title, which is also on my new collection. Although it is less known, I have to promote it a little."

The actors were confident about the film box office. Zhao Wei even promised to kiss Chen Kun to celebrate box office success when reporters asked whether she would do something special. As Zhao Wei was considering how she would answer, Chen Kun cut in and said, "She can give me a kiss." Zhao Wei immediately responded, "That's right, we can kiss to celebration."

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