Thursday, November 19, 2009


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Avid kung fu fan Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) in TREASURE HUNT (CHI LING) finally got a taste of an action film. Playing a treasure hunter in the film, Chow Kit Lun even included his good friend Will Liu Gen Hong. In the film he played a martial art expert.

For a scene in which they fought for a treasure map, each punches landed solidly despite their friendship. This scene took five days to shoot. In it Liu Gen Hong had over 100 bandages to fight Chow Kit Lun with. In mid air he released the bandages to create a mid air flight visual effect. Kit Lun dodged the bandages and flew all over, from the ceiling fan to a cart in the inn. Throughout he fought bare handed with Gen Hong.

Chow Kit Lun was prepared mentally for his first action series. "I have to personally perform, which is where I differ from other people." Was he worried about ending up with all the scars and bruises from the fight scenes? Kit Lun said, "Filmmaking now takes great protective precautions, getting hurt is very hard."

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