Monday, November 16, 2009


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The popular Taiwan idol Mike Ho (Hor Kwan Cheung) starred, Alfred Cheung Kin Ting directed romantic comedy LOVE AT SEVENTH SIGHT (7 TIN OI SEUNG NEI) will be released at the end of the month. "Siu Mei" Hor Kwan Cheung will attend a series of promotional events and premiere this Sunday, while his Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan fans await Siu Mei's arrival.

The film is about a sound recording technician (Hor Kwan Cheung) who runs into two of the most romantic events in his life, a pretty car home and its pretty owner (Li Xiaolu). The girl wants to travel the world, the guy hopes to find the sound of Heaven. Two dreamers click right away and travel together. The car home becomes their home on the road. At the moment when their feeling is the strong, he discovers that this girl who is full of smile in front of him is already at the end of her life. He is unwilling to accept that fact and even less willing to give up. He is determined to walk the final road with her but he does not see the moment when she closes her eyes. The girl hopes to leave her most beautiful side in his mind forever and leaves halfway.

When he is suffering the greatest pain in his life, the girl suddenly appears anew in front of his eyes with an all new image. The different attitude and manner of speech make him dare not believe and accept.

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