Monday, November 30, 2009


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Irene Wan Bik Ha and Chang Chen's father Chang Kuo-Chu yesterday attended the production start ceremony of the new film JAU TOH (DRINKER), based on local writer Liu Yichang's novel. Liu Yichang was present and Chang Kuo-Chu brought his novel for an autograph.

Irene in the film played a lonely housewife who was ignored in the 60s due to her husband's long sea voyages and developed a relationship with a tenant Chang Kuo-Chu. She honestly said that this character was very challenging. Later she will work on another film so she had to postpone her Christmas celebration. She said that she made a lot from working on two films.

Chang Kuo-Chu played the writer Liu Yichang. He came to Hong Kong from Shanghai alone. Due to a difficult life and a lack of relative, he often drank. In the film he drank prop liquor but he boasted that his tolerance was decent. However he could not drink much and preferred red wine and beer. As for his intimate scenes with Irene, reporters joked that he truly was lucky. Chang Kuo-Chu agreed, "I usually am. (Are you still?) I am not saying, it's a secret. (Are you leaving it for your son?) The trick has to be passed to him. (Has your son bring his girlfriend for you to meet?) He doesn't have a girlfriend now. He is very clean. Before I met one or two. He warned me not to say anymore. (Did you meet Shu Qi?) No, but I worked with Shu Qi before. She is a very hard working girl who seeks improvement. She is a role model. (How is she as a daughter in law?) I am not sure about that. (Did you tell your son to pursue her?) This is his freedom. I can give him my opinion, but he has a sense of responsibility for his own future and

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