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Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho)

Kitty Zhang Yuqi

Stephen Chow Sing Chi

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The Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Leon Jay Williams (Lap Wai Lim) and Yao Wenxue starred JUMP! (TIU CHOOK HUI) two nights ago premiered. Director Stephen Fung Tak Lun and executive producer Stephen Chow Sing Chi as well as Chief Secretary for Administration Henry Tang Ying-yen and guest star Daniel Wu Ng Yin Cho appeared.

The premiere promoted the charity organization Stand Tall, which provides artificial limbs to Sichuan earthquake victims. Two days ago a Sichuan disaster victim Wei Yunlu attended the premiere and accepted the autographed poster from Chow Sing Chi. When Tang Ying-yen and Chow Sing Chi appeared, they helped Wei Yunlu. Chow Sing Chi said, "This time I give my strong support because by chance I ran into Chief Secretary Tang who introduced Stand Tall to me. I know that the effort after the Sichuan disaster, as Chief Secretary Tang says, the counselling work requires a very long time and is very meaningful. JUMP! and Stand Tall's names are very well matched. I am only volunteering my effort."

Fung Tak Lun expressed that this organization helped victims after the disaster. This film also encouraged people to have hope. He hoped that everyone would have hope in life. Zhang Yuqi honestly said that she was very nervous about JUMP!'s release and hoped that this film will be able to bring everyone a good experience. Actually everyone was very nervous. Was she nervous about Sing Yeh's review? She said Sing Yeh should have already seen the film but she did not have the time to ask for his opinion. Perhaps he ws busy with Chief Secretary Tang. Zhang Yuqi once was accused of criticizing Sing Yeh. She expressed that two nights ago Sing Yeh was too busy and she did not have time to talk with him.

Ng Yin Cho guest starred in one scene as a plastic surgeon. He said that he has never been the funny one in a comedy. Earlier in LOVE UNDERCOVER (SUN JAT SI MUI) Miriam Yeung Chin Wa was responsible for the comedy. Did he want to be a comedy actor? He said that perhaps with this face no one approached him about comedy. He honestly said that he would like to work with Fung Tak Lun again. This time he only accepted laisee from his good friend as salary. Did he want to work with Sing Yeh? He admitted that he would like the chance to but he rarely came in contact with him. Earlier back stage was his first chat with him. Would he ask Fung Tak Lun to set him up with working with Sing Yeh? He said that he could. If he was making his movie, he would consider rookie price or even no salary because he was the king of comedy in all Asia.

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