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Lin Chiling and Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) worked together in the film TREASURE HUNTERS (CHI LING). Lin Chiling during the shoot suffered a lot. Not only was she at the mercy of the sand storm but she also had to tolerate days without bath in the desert. She lived like a wanderer, which was not only exciting but also very "tasteful". In the film she and Chow Kit Lun had to hunt for treasure together. She even had to perform action scenes herself. Fortunately under the action director Ching Siu Tung's guidance, she was able to perform them. Chiling pointed out that the location was in the desert and everyone's schedule was very tight, thus they could only set up camp in the desert for the shoot. At first it was very hard to take because after a day of hard work she could not bath. Normally she bathed twice at home everyday so she was not used to that. Luckily the desert's climate was sunny in the day and cool at night, so the body odor could be barely blown away. She also used water to wash her face.

Although it was tough, this shoot was a good experience for her. Sometimes she would smell her unwashed costumes and thought it must be the the "scent of the wanderer". She joked that in real life she could not possibly experience something like that. Chiling could not bathe but brought a lot of facial masks for skincare. She also explained that with the strong sand storms, sometimes when he delivered her lines she got a mouthful of sand. Skincare was a necessity.

In addition, Chiling also recorded her first film theme song TAKE ME FLYING (DAI NGOR FEI). Chairman Chou wrote the song while Chiling wrote the lyrics. Chairman Chou expressed that if he recorded the film theme song every time it would get somewhat dull. He hoped this film would bring some freshness to the audience with female lead Chiling's performance and a song that was tailored for her. Chiling never thought that Chairman Chou would write a song for her, which she felt was very romantic. Yet Chairman Chou also had a little fun at her expense and he forced her to sing it acapella once for him before agreeing to give the song to her. Chiling said that when she did it she was all flushed.

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