Tuesday, November 24, 2009


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Mike Ho (Hor Kwan Cheung) and director Alfred Cheung Kin Ting two nights ago attended the film LOVE AT SEVENTH SIGHT (7 TIN OI SEUNG NEI) premiere. Female lead Li Xiaolu did not attend. Guests included Elaine Lok yi Ling, Skye Chan Sin Yeung, Lorretta Chow Mei Yun, Leanne Li Yanan, and Kayi Cheung. Hor Kwan Cheung attracted over a hundred fans. Some vermicelli even made an "Our Best Actor" trophy with fresh flowers to present to their idol.

Hor Kwan Cheung expressed that he has already seen this film in the Mainland and said that he still had a lot of room for improvement. He said, "Of course I sat in the last row, the audience didn't know I was there. When I saw the audience clapping and crying I was very touched, an achievement that I could not buy." He honestly said that when he saw the film and his heart ached. When he saw male viewers crying, he felt different viewers had different perspective to watch this film. As for Li Xiaolu's absence, Hor Kwan Cheung honestly said that he felt a little pressure from promoting alone. He only knew that Li Xiaolu did not attend when he arrived in Hong Kong. Earlier in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, they promoted together.

Did Hor Kwan Cheung become addicted to acting? He said, "Originally I had a new film in November, but I turned it down because I needed guitar lessons. I didn't have a lot of time to prepare so I didn't make it." Hor Kwan Cheung became friends with Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin after working together. Did he invite Ah Sa? he said, "I mentioned it to Ah Sa, but she was busy with a movie. I knew it was her birthday earlier. Ah Sa invited me but I didn't go. We didn't have a chance to meet." He said that he asked Ah Sa to watch his film privately because he was afraid that her appearance would create pressure for him.

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