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Yuen Biao, Crystal Huang Yi, Xu Jiao

Huang Yi

Kenny Kwan Chi Bun, Hins Cheung King Hin

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The film IP MAN CHIN JUEN (IP MAN PREQUEL)'s actors Crystal Huang Yi, Xu Jiao, Yuen Biao, Du Yuhang, Hins Cheung King Hin and Kenny Kwan Chi Bun yesterday attended the World Wing Chun Union's World Wing Chun charity event to lead 754 people in a group exercise and create a new world record.

Playing Ip Man's girlfriend in the film, Huang Yi just started studying Wing Chun so she did not participate. Has she seen the character that Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) played? She said, "Yes, but my performance is different from hers. Because we are making the sequel, characters are younger and energetic. I play a role who dares to love and hate." As for any intimate scene, she said mysteriously that she had some but the audience would have to buy a ticket to see them.

The much more grown up Xu Jiao played Ip Man's junior colleague in childhood. Was this her first action film? She said, "You can say that. Earlier MULAN used more weapons. IP is mainly punching and kicking kung fu." Was she worried that she would not be able to handle it physically? She said, "I believe I can overcome it, so far it's still good." Because Xu Jiao was still in school, during the shoot she needed to take a week off from school. Did she meet with "Old Pa" Stephen Chow Sing Chi while in Hong Kong? She said, "Yes, Old Pa asked me to dinner. I don't know what we will have, but in Hong Kong everything is delicious."

Due to the confirmation of the attendance accuracy, many people had to repeat their Wing Chun movements. Kwan Chi Bun said, "I never imagine how tiring this would be, my legs are numb from standing." Hin Jai said that because he stood in the front row he could not make any mistake. Even if he was tired he had to tough it out. Did they privately practice Wing Chun? Hin Jai immediately said to Kenny, "Let's wait until he gets better." They expressed that they went to class to learn ten style Wing Chun for the event. As for what role Hin Jai would play in the film, he joked that he would play a romantic rich kid who in the film will flirt with fellow rich kid Huang Yi. Just learning Wing Chun, Sire Ma Choi said that she used sincerity to convince the master into accepting her as a disciple. She expressed that Wing Chun was very suitable for girls to learn as self defense. In the film she and Huang Yi played two sisters.

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