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HUMBLE BEGINNING: EARLY FILMS OF THE YUEN CLAN film exhibit opening ceremony took place yesterday at the Hong Kong Film Archives with over 20 Seven Little Fortunes members in attendance. They included eldest brother Yuen Ting and Yuen Wah. Yuen Ting revealed that at the event Sammo Hung Kam Bo and Jackie Chan were among those who performed flips, many female including Yuen Qiu disciples were moved to tears. However Yu So Chau did not. He said, "With so many still remembering her Papa and doing so much, she could not be happy enough!"

However on the stage Yuen Ching appeared in a wheelchair on stage. Yuen Ting expressed that Yuen Ching was injured during a flip performance. He also thanked Yuen Mo for planning this event, which raised around 2 million.

Yuen Wah joked that he was not surprised with his on stage flip. He said, "What is so surprising about me being able to flip? Hung Kam Bo's was surprising." He praised Yu So Chau's well maintenance and even pointed out that none of the female disciples could match her figure.  Yuen Wah also said that Jackie Chan was Yu Jim Yuen's favorite but also the most punished, but today he is also the most famous. He also said, "I want him to hit me more too." Then he posed for pictures but could not bend his knees for more than ten seconds. He stated that with his knee cap join pain he could not longer bend his knees.

At the 50th anniversary celebration two nights ago, Jackie Chan the Seven Little Fortunes disciples signed autographs on a black tee shirt, the back of which had their master Yu Jim Yuen's glittering design. They even presented this commemorative tee shirt to Yu So Chau, who sentimentally said, "When I think of you, I think of Papa......" and moved everyone to tears. That night Seven Little Fortunes also presented Beijing Opera on the stage. When Jackie Chan said the fellow disciples doing flips he got itchy and followed suit to share the joy. Other guests included Paula Tsui Siu Fung and Yau Tak Gung.

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