Tuesday, November 24, 2009


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The first film about Kuomintang's direct confrontation of the China invading Japanese military, SEUNG DUK DAI HUET JIN (CHANGDE BIG BLOODBATH) is in production in the August 1 film and television base outside Beijing. The film stars Ray Lui Leung Wai, Ady Ann Yi Hin, and Mickey Yuan Wenkang. Earlier female lead Ann Yi Hin flew from Taipei to officially join the team and began media set visit. Ann Yi Hin's "battlefield beauty" look was also unveiled for the first time.

Ann Yi Hin in the film played the female lead who was a couple with Yuan Wenkang. They were about to wed when the war erupted. In order to drive out the invading Japanese military, Yuan Wenkang decided to join the army in the battlefield while Ann Yi Hin became a battlefield nurse.

Due to their film identities, Ann Yi Hin expressed that she has already fulfilled her dream of "acting in a Chinese dress". Unfortunately on the day of the set visit Beijing's temperature dropped below zero, Ann Yi Hin was not in a Chinese dress. She was only wearing a heavy battlefield nurse costume while holding a heating pad to keep warm.

The film had a wedding night scene with Yuan Wenkang and Ann Yi Hin. "The director asked me to only wear underwear, but I still couldn't accept that. I felt I could wear sleepwear." Ann Yi Hin then said, "Actually I already thought of something for the director. If I don't wear underwear, Yuan Wenkang can bare his back. I believe he will also look great."

The film is scheduled for a premiere in August next year at the People's Great Hall and has hoped to be distributed simultaneously in Taiwan.

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