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The film IP MAN CHIN JUEN (IP MAN PREQUEL) yesterday began production in Foshan. Director Herman Yau Lai To and actors Louis Fan Siu Wong, Du Yuhang, Sire Ma Choi, Rose Chan Ka Wun before the ceremony went to the Law Village for a ceremony at the Ip Man Memorial Hall. Ip Man's son Ip Chun, executive producer Sin Kwok Lam also attended, but female lead Crystal Huang Yi was absent due to illness. Ip Chun expressed that earlier he attended the Wong Kar Wai directed film THE GRAND MASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI) press conference. He honestly said that no matter which company makes a movie about Ip Man he would be supportive. He did not just support a certain person but everything that benefited Wing Chun. Executive producer Sin Kwok Lam expressed that that the film will be completed around the Lunar New Year and released in the Mainland during the May Day golden week. Yesterday the event announced the film's mystery actor to be Sammo Hung Kam Bo. Sin Kwok Lam expressed that this film wanted to promote Chinese martial art and Wing Chun. Earlier Ip Man's disciple Leung Ting was accused of hitting his girlfriend. Sin Kwok Lam expressed that he did not know him but has heard of him. He said, "After this, many people called me. Martial artists have to be careful with such matter, especially people who knows kung fu. As for me I wouldn't random start fighting."

Chan Ka Hung expressed that recently she has been in Hengdian for more than a week mainly for film rehearsal. She was already all bruised from the practice. She in the film had scenes with Bernice Liu Bik Yi, who played a girl who knew Japanese martial art. She said, "Lately I start to train from 7AM to 7PM, I know Fan Siu Wong, Du Yuhang were all injured. Everyone has been working very hard." Chan Ka Wun expressed that in the film she and Siu Wong will be a pair but they will not have any intimate scene. She said that Hins Cheung King Hin will guest star and sing the theme song. She said, "I am very happy. I received a notice that I will sing the theme song with Hin Jai. This time will be my first public singing performance so I am a little scared. Earlier I have studied with a singing instructor."

Fan Siu Wong expressed, this time the boos and the director are very serious about the film. He said, "The first action took over 70 practices. I too feel the pressure. Although I got hurt from the practices, the production won't be affected." Du Yuhang played the male lead for the first time. Was he afraid of comparison to Donnie Yen Chi Tan? He said, "I didn't give myself any pressure. I practiced Wing Chun for six years. I am already prepared for the action. Earlier I worked on IP MAN 1 and 2 and learned a lot of from Chi Tan and Siu Wong."

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