Friday, November 13, 2009


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The Chow Yun Fat starred film CONFUCIUS earlier released 19 new posters in one breath and set a poster release record. The posters included one with Confucius taking aim with an arrow. Director Zhou Min earlier attended the film's press conference, but due to scheduling conflict leads Chow Yun Fat and Zhou Xun were absent.

The film will be released next Spring Festival. The posters broke through people's impression of the Confucius traditions as they displayed Confucius' smile, struggle, disappointment, conflict, sorrow, lost, love and action. In one Chow Yun Fat is about to shoot an arrow, a display of the saint's martial arts. Seemingly Confucius not only excelled in philosophy but also had certain martial art background. According to the director, it was based on historical records.

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