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The film STORM WARRIORS (FUNG WON II) has already been scheduled for a Christmas release. Two leads Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Dior Cheng Yi Kin yesterday host the film theme song STORM HONOR (FUNG WON YI) duet version music video launch ceremony. When someone suggested for them to bring their other halves to the premiere, they mischievously set up the directors the Pang Brothers.

On being able to make STORM WARRIORS, Ekin honestly said that it was a destiny. Back then STORM RIDERS (FUNG WON) was a critical and commercial hit, many thought that the sequel would start production immediately. Yet hope turned into disappointment until ten years later when it finally had a chance again. Recalling the production in Thailand, Ekin was covered in white paint. He joked that he felt like he had an added layer on his body, he did not even feel any mosquito biting. Sing Sing has never sung a duet with a male singer. This duet was very meaningful to him. As for whether the song will be in his record, their record companies will have to negotiate. Ekin considered singing this song at his concert next month and already began to seriously rehearse the dance. He even said that Sing Sing already taught him a few tricks. Ekin was very happy that the concert was sold out, but due to scheduling he could not add more shows. Sing Sing next month will perform two shows in the U.S. so he might not have time to support Ekin.

In addition, their personal lives have always been the focus of attention. Thus some suggested that on the premiere night they should each bring their other halves to increase promotional effect. Sing Sing said that he would not and said, "I am with Pang Shun!" Ekin followed, "Then I am with Pang Fat!" As for Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) earlier asked for a more innovative Christmas, Sing Sing only laughed and passed the ball for Ekin to answer. Ekin immediately declined, "We won't talk about personal lives, we are talking about STORM WARRIORS! Let's wait until Christmas!" Then they walked away with a smile.

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