Wednesday, November 18, 2009


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The Stephen Fung Tak Lun directed, Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Leon Jay Williams starred inspirational dance romantic comedy JUMP! (TIU CHOOK HUI) will open on December 3 in Hong Kong. In the film not only Zhang Yuqi danced the trendy Hip Hop street dance but also dance group Caster Crew and famous Korean dance group TIP Crew.

In order to handle the massive amount of Hip Hop choreography in the film, Zhang Yuqi spent half a year with a professional dance instructor who the film company hired for all purpose physical and technical training. She said, "At the time I basically waited in a dance studio. The instructor trained with me everyday. Aside from dancing I didn't do anything else in hopes to be able to dance the most exciting dance." She even broke down after succumbing to the rigorous training.

As for her most memorable dance in the film, she heard the noise of a tractor and began to dance with her farm equipment. The more complete and technical part was when she represented a dance group to compete against a professional dance group in Korea. She had to add kung fu and Tai Chi elements in her choreography. She even personally performed each highly difficult move.

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