Monday, November 9, 2009


Da Da, A.Lin, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Koni Lui Wai Yi
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na's new film NGAU TOI (EVIL FETUS) yesterday held a production start ceremony. She was promoted to the first lead. Other cast members included Koni Lui Wai Yi, Lai Lok Yi, Da Da Lo Chung Chi, A. Lin (Pei Yan) and Lam Suet. Although Lui Wai Yi was "promoted" as well, she played a mother for the first time. In the film third party Chau Sau Na broke up her happy home.

Chau Sau Na stated that she felt stressed and nervous about her first role. As for her salary, she expressed that it was reasonable and she was very satisfied. When asked whether it was the HK$50,000 per scene rumored earlier, she said, "Of course not, I am still a child!" In the film she played a third party but this time she did not have to be too sexy. Earlier she already shot a suicide scene outside a third floor story. At the time she almost had a break down, as her kneecaps and elbows were full of bruises. Reportedly the location was rumored to be haunted, she said that she wanted to try and see a ghost, but during the shoot whenever she went to the bathroom and passed by prop mannequins she was scared out of her wits. With all the Tuen Mun highway ghost stories, she felt the chill.

Lui Wai Yi played a mother with the evil fetus and she too did not have to be sexy. Instead she had to play a pregnant "beer promoter" and test her acting abilities. In order to get a grasp of her character she did not sleep well for several days. She asked her pregnant sister and friends for advice. In the film a third party stole away her husband. She said that at school someone stole her boyfriend as well. Da Da played a dance escort who asked holy swindler Lam Suet for a change of luck at work. While it sounded like a recent "young model" fraud case, she pointed out that the real version was much more outrageous and she would not be so dumb. Even when her make up artist suggested for her to get a tarot reading in Macau earlier, she was interested but did not try it in the end.

The film's director Law Sau Yiu was asked about Chau Sau Na's salary. He pointed out that he never revealed actor salary but was certain that she did not charge as much as rumored. This time she had 12 to 13 scenes and charged a reasonable price. When asked whether Chau Sau Na and Lui Wai Yi had to show off their figures, he pointed out that Chau Sau Na had lingerie and sex scenes but they were quick to the point and did not require nudity. Lui Wai Yi also had a changing scene.

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