Tuesday, November 3, 2009


courtesy of mingpao.com

courtesy of takungpao.com

The Vicki Zhao Wei, Chen Kun, Hu Jun, Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) and Xu Jiao starred action war film HUA MULAN will be released December 3. Earlier the film poster was unveiled. All three featured one character mainly.

Zhao Wei played the legendary woman Hua Mulan who served in the military in place of her father. Thus in the poster she wore an armor and looked very heroic. Lead actor Chen Kun also appeared in a warrior look. In the film he lead thousands into battle and fought shoulder to shoulder with Hua Mulan. In the other poster was Hu Jun. His expression was vicious, which was rather suitable for his foreign tribe invader role.

This time was a reunion for Zhao Wei and Chen Kun after PAINTED SKIN (WAT PEI). Zhao Wei in PAINTED risked her life to save the demon possessed Chen Kun, but this time Chen Kun played the man behind Zhao Wei. Chen Kun joked, "China's Joan of Arc still needs someone to help her from behind. I play assistant to this great ancient figure and run some errands."

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