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The film JUMP (TIU CHOOK HUI) from planning, production to release took over 3 years. When the director Stephen Fung Tak Lun spoke about how executive producer Stephen Chow Sing Chi discussed the story with him, Sing Yeh only tossed out five words "village girl dances Hip Hop". After some planning and preparation, JUMP finally was completed after numerous storms. When asked whether Kitty Zhang Yuqi had the village girl flavor, Fung Tak Lun talked about their first meeting. He said, "At the time Zhang Yuqi already signed the contract to make JUMP. She already studied street dancing for two months. Everyone went to the rooftop to watch her dance. She said that she knew how to do a hand stand, finally in less than 2 seconds she fell to the drop." Fung Tak Lun honestly said that Zhang Yuqi had a certain village girl flavor because at least she had the same loud voice as a village girl.

As for male lead Edison Chen Koon Hei's part being cut, Fung Tak Lun honestly said that he never blamed him. He said, "At the time too many elements were unclear. No one knew how anyone would see this incident." When they decided to cast and shoot again, the film company once hoped that Fung Tak Lun would take Chen Koon Hei's spot. He said, "I turned it down! Mainly I thought I didn't look the part." Finally Leon Jay Williams took the role.

Was working with Chow Sing Chi stressful? Fung Tak Lun expressed that Sing Yeh was a working partner and he never felt stressed. He said, "Of course I don't know how he is when he works with other people, but with me I never felt anything awkward. In the end, Sing Yeh's intent was for me to take care of it myself."

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