Friday, August 10, 2012


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Mag Lam Yun Tung in the Emperor Motion Picture DIVA played a couple with Carlos Chan Ka Lok. Although it was their first collaboration, they were full of chemistry. Their numerous intimate scenes were rather realistic. Mag said, "Actually before the shoot we were very embarrassed. Ka Lok and I before places asked each other 'do you mind'. We knew that everyone really wanted to make this movie good so we very quickly got into character. We trusted each other very much. I was very surprised that we felt like we have been dating for ten years."

Chan Ka Lok and Mag although had decent chemistry as a couple but they also had many bad takes. He said, "In one scene I chased Mag to the street and kissed her. Because the director wanted one straight take, we had over 20 bad takes. Our mouths were tired and dried, but for some reason Mag and I had a lot in common. Before the shoot we didn't know each other at all. We had no exchange at the first press conference. Yet another one shoot we were already holding hands, hugging and kissing. As soon as we took our marks we immediately had feeling."

Since they had such a chemical reaction from their first collaboration, would Ka Lok pursue Mag? Ka Lok joked, "Actually off camera I admire her daring attitude for music. I won't eliminate any chance to develop with her!"

Already having a rumored boyfriend Sheldon Lo (Law Hau Yung), Mag said, "Haha! Then I won't eliminate any chance of developing with Chan Ka Lok. (In the film your boyfriend's position was lower than yours, would you be able to accept that in real life?) Of course, when you truly love someone, no one can replace him. Even if his position is lower than mine, you can see his backbone and will!"

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