Saturday, August 11, 2012


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Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) five year ago wrote, directed and starred in the film THE SECRET (BUT NUNG SHUET DIK BEI MUK). Two days ago he held the first press conference for his second film THE ROOFTOP (TIN TOI). Chairman Chou introduced the film's golden crew and even invited big time actor Wang Xueqi to perform.

Although it was their first collaboration, Wang Xueqi said that Chairman Chou was a director who really cared about his actors. During the shoot he was very focused as he was living in the film every single moment. He admired Chairman Chou's talent very much. Wang Xueqi also sang a few lines of LISTEN TO WHAT MAMA SAYS and the crowd said, "It was truly rare". In addition, Chairman Chou who kept promoting the result of his work out earlier was suspected of "editing" his abdominal muscles in his promotional photo. Chow Kit Lun responded that now no matter where he was, everyone would ask him to show off his figure. He graciously invited reporters to a backstage verification after the press conference to see whether his was artificial.

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