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The Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting) and Huang Bo and AngelaBaby starred BLACK AND WHITE EPISODE I THE DAWN OF ASSAULT will be released in Hong Kong on August 30. The film did not lack action scenes. Director Tsai Yueh-Hsun asked the actors to personally perform all the stunts. The actors all risked their lives in their performance, especially Chiu Yau Ting. He not only had to drive fast to shake a tail, but he also daringly jumped from a bridge to capture a crook and hung from a plane straight toward the Tuntex Sky Tower.

Golden Horse Best Actor Huang Bo worked on his first Taiwan film and worked with Chiu Yau Ting for the first time as well. He was scared half to death. Huang Bo recalled, "When I just arrived I wasn't familiar with Chiu Yau Ting, I didn't know how crazy he was." For the first car chase scene, Huang Bo completely did not know that Chiu Yau Ting would be "Hero Wu" possessed as soon as he heard action. Huang Bo sat in the Chiu Yau Ting driven car. He only saw Chiu Yau Ting floored the gas pedal and drove over 200 kilometers per hour to quickly shake off the tail. Huang Bo was stunned. After getting out he said to Director Tsai and Chiu Yau Ting, "That handle needs a little repair, I crushed it. Being young is really great, he isn't afraid to die."

This was also Baby's first action film. Playing a mysterious woman, she showed off her skill in the film. She carried a rocket and also dove from 20 floors above. Although she screamed in horror, she still insisted on personally performing professionally.

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