Friday, August 31, 2012


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Currently busy with a film production, Angelababy took a day off and two days ago flew from Shanghai to the Venice Film Festival for the 3D action epic TAI CHI's global premiere and a 24 hour promotion.

This was Baby's first film that landed in an international class A film festival. Before departing she excitedly said, "This stay would be too short, I hope to not rest for even a minute and properly experience the Venice Film Festival atmosphere." Baby would attend the TAI CHI official press conference and premiere with director Stephen Fung Tak Lun, Eddie Peng Yu-Yen, Tony Leung Ka Fai and others. Baby cherished participating in a film festival for the first time as an actor, but because of her schedule she would only be able to stay for one day. Thus she missed out on the chance to walk the Venice opening ceremony red carpet with Peng Yu-Yen and others. She would not regret that as she would be able to make her film's global premiere.

In the film, Baby played an otherworldly master Leung Ka Fai's daughter who grew up and fell in love with Peng Yu-Yen. Yet by chance she also fell for the "weirdo" Yang Luchan. Because Baby's character was strong in martial arts, during the shoot she had many fight scenes that needed her to perform personally. The shoot was over 200 days long, as they shot from the summer heat to the chilly winter.

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