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Sammi Cheng Sau Man and Andy Lau Tak Wa two nights ago worked on the Johnnie To Kei Fung film THE BLIND DETECTIVE (MAN TAM) on the streets of Mongkok. Their appearance almost turned Mongkok upside down as several hundred onlookers crowded the nearby streets. Both stars were able to focus on their production, indeed they were rather professional. Playing blind in the film, Wa Jai also looked convincing when he walked with his cane.

Two days ago around dusk, To Kei Fung appeared on the busy streets of Mongkok and scouted the location around a Taiwanese style snack shop with the crew. Around 7PM, Sammi arrived in a gray suit with the crew. To Sir and Soi Cheang Po Shui explained the shoot content to her. Because the location was already filled with people, every step Sammi took needed the crew to open the road for her first. Although it was hot and many were present, Sammi was in a decent mood. After a few minutes, Sammi returned to her vehicle to rest. Earlier she worked on another scene. She had to carry take outs while talking on her mobile phones and walking. She appeared to be tripping over herself.

Lau Tak Wa appeared after 8PM in a suit. When Wa Jai arrived, the crowd roared and surrounded him. When Wa Jai walked from his vehicle to the rest tent, he had to stop twice over the one block distance. The scene was chaotic. Wa Jai could only personally maintain order as he often greeted the media. Wa Jai in the film played blind, earlier he went to a center for the blind to understand the daily life of the vision impaired. Two nights ago he walked with a cane and looked convincing. Due to too many onlookers, the director decided to take a dinner break first. The crew had to use ropes so Wa Jai could leave. Sammi stood in the center of the road but could not be picked up. Later she had to move to a back alley and wait. Many pedestrians and vehicles passed by. Sammi appeared somewhat uncomfortable. Her assistant handed her tissue for her perspiration. During the period, fans brought her candy. How did Sammi feel about shoot in the busy city? She said that she was elated.

Two days ago was Sammi's lunar birthday. She posted online, "Today is my birthday. I have a lot to do. Although I am not celebrating I like the beautiful reminder that this day brings. Have you physically love friends around you? When you true love someone, sometimes you would truly love until it hurts. Saying love is very easy, this world actually needs more acts of love. When love hurts, you still have to keep going; when you shed tears from the pain, you still have to persist."

Although two nights ago Sammi had to work all night, before work she read the Bible. She also posted online, "Before going out to work, I read the Bible and the words of the Lord. This is Mi's secret gas station! Although today has a tough over night shoot, I am excited because everyday I would have some interesting new discoveries at work, in life and in the world. As I truly know myself more, I learn the importance of humility. How high is the sky, how deep is the sea. How much does humanity matter? How much do I matter? Thank you Lord for you love, because of that my soul is finally complete."

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