Tuesday, August 21, 2012


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Zhang Ziyi in 2009 produced her first city romantic comedy SOPHIE'S REVENGE, which made over 100 million in the Mainland. Three years later Zhang Ziyi struck again with MY LUCKY STAR. This city romance known as SOPHIE'S REVENGE will take an "extremely extravagant" route. Both a producer and a star again Zhang Ziyi said, "Your beloved Sophie is back. This time she wants to bring everyone on an extravagant adventure."

Zhang Ziyi was extremely confident and looked very much forward to the new film. She said, "Actually this MY LUCKY STAR is the SOPHIE'S REVENGE 2 that everyone has been looking forward to. The character is a continuation of the previous film. Sophie is finally back!" The lead actor was switched to the hunky Wang Leehom (Wong Lik Won). Zhang Ziyi said that she has always wanted to work with Wang Leehom. "He can sing and act, of course I want to work with him very much. So I invite him to participate in Sophie's another adventure." As for the other characters, Sophie's good friend remains Ruby Lin (Lam Sum Yu) and Yao Chen from the previous film. Yet the romantic rival is still a mystery.

The film will shoot on location in Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau. The team has already flown to Singapore and will shoot in the Marina Bay Sands hotel where the highest swimming pool in the world is.

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