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Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Gillian Chung Yun Tung, Timmy Hung Tin Ming and Jordan Chan Siu Chun starred in the film IP MAN THE FINAL BATTLE (IP MAN JUNG GIK YUT JIN), which yesterday began production at the Xiqiao Mountain Film Studio in Nanhai, Foshan. Chau Sun in the film played Ip man. He said that he never imagined this film would be so serious that it constructed an actual Hong Kong set. It was the best birthday present for his 51st birthday.

Chau Sun this time worked with Ah Gil and thought that Ah Gil was truly innocent, lovable and simple. She treated people great. Ah Gil in the film had so many action films that it would be the movie with the most fights in her career. Her arms were all bruised from fighting. How did Chau Sun feel about Ah Gil's fighting? He said, "I was blind. Just joking." He also praised Tin Ming as a great fighter, indeed the fruit did not fall far from the tree.

The Wong Kar Wai directed, Tony Leung Chiu Wai starred THE GRANDMASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI) will be released in December. Will IP MAN THE FINAL BATTLE be released ahead of it? Chau Sun said that it will not as the film will not be released until next year. However he was not worried about any comparison, to each its own. The subject matter was also different.

Eric Tsang Chi Wai reportedly asked Andy Lau Tak Wa on behalf of TVB to return home for a series. Chau Sun asked what Chi Wai's relationship was with TVB. He felt that friends should help each other. Has Chi Wai asked him to help TVB? He said no.

Chau Sun's god son Edison Chen Koon Hei was rumored to be married to a Mainland rich girl for three years already. Chau Sun said, "Mainland rumors are incredible. Except for being lies nothing is true."

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