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COLD WAR (HONG JIN) yesterday held a large scale launch press conference in Beijing. Directors Longman Leung Lok Man, Sunny Luk Kim Ching led stars Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting), Eddie Peng Yu-yen to the appearance. The film unveiled the five hunks' character posters for the first time and announced the COLD WAR National Day slot release.

All five leads were dressed in dark colors. Peng Yu-yen joked, "We are all men in black." Kwok Fu Sing and Leung Ka Fai extended their rivalry from the film to the event as they often traded verbal jabs. Special guest star Wa Jai did not forget to play dumb. In the ice breaking segment he stared at all the shattered ice on the ground until the host woke him.

In the film, Kwok Fu Sing and Leung Ka Fai played deputy police commissioners. They had many explosive scenes. At the event they still traded verbal jabs. When asked who was responsible for the rescue operation, both Best Actors fought to say they were in charge. Leung Ka Fai even joked, "In the movie we debated a lot. I am an eagle style character, I must be decisive. I can't duck and dodge like him, with a tiger head and a snake tail." Kwok Fu Sing immediately replied, "Their operation style is more impulsive. With a look of frustration, they get violent as soon as they arrive." During the group interview, Kwok Fu Sing was asked, "How do you feel about Wa Jai having a child?" Leung Ka Fai took advantage of the moment and said, "He respects the profession very much whether he is making the movie or otherwise. Even when having a child he still respects the profession."

Wa Jai guest starred as a the Security Bureau chief, which undoubtedly was a big bright spot. Speaking of the performance, he said, "Over a year ago, when the directors approached me I really wanted to play one of the two deputy commissioners. However later something happened at home and I told them I had to resign. However as long as the movie was shooting in Hong Kong I would still guest star." As for COLD WAR's story and line up, Wa Jai said that he was once tempted to invest. Wa Jai made fun of the other two Best Actors over their first collaboration. "One is 36, one is 38, I am too old so I can only play the Security Bureau chief." At the event's ice breaking segment, he again played dumb. On the stage he stared at a piece of ice on the ground and got lost. When he was reminded of the group photo opportunity, Wa Jai woke up. Even the host joked, "Indeed he is just only a guest star in the film, he is often like he isn't around."

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