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The Andy Lau Tak Wa, Zhang Jingchu, Lin Chiling, Tong Dawei starred treasure hunt film SWITCH (FUCHUN SAN GUI TOH) will be released on November 8 in Hong Kong. In the film Lau Tak Wa played a stylish special agent and his individual still was unveiled earlier. In the film he appeared in many costumes, a blue and mature look, a white gentleman tuxedo look, a tough tank top look, and sunglasses special agent look among others. All brought a light to people's eyes. In one photo he and Lin Chiling had a romantic toast.

Lau Tak Wa said that the production made him very excited. For the workaholic, during the shoot he often had to rush from one location to another and shoot right away. When he was working in Dubai he had rides to different locations. Due to the tight schedule he needed to change inside the vehicle. When he arrived at the next location he was able to go to work right away. Such an intense production process made him feel very fulfilled, as if he has returned to the 80s Hong Kong film production pace.

In the film Lau Tak Wa had many looks. He said that the movie enabled him to played many different looks and worked in many different nations. Thus he was it was a super value. As for working with Lin Chiling in the film, he said that Chiling was very friendly. The entire team liked to work with her, thus being able to work with her was an absolute joy.

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