Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Heiward Mak, Carlos Chan, Joey Yung, Hu Ge, Chapman To

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DIVA will open on August 16. The film's actors Joey Yung Cho Yi, Chapman To Man Jat, Hu Ge, Mag Lam Yun Tung, Carlos Chan Ka Lok after a series of Mainland promotions yesterday finally arrived at the final stop Guangzhou.

Ah Jat gave a review of his manager character and said that manager was a very self confident job. "A Manager is a job that shows the world your own taste, like Man in the film. J caught his eyes because it was a performance of his unique eye." Joey asked Ah Jat if he was praising her indirectly. Joey also said that only when Ah Jat personally produced on the set, she was willing to work. She gave Ah Jat no time to be lazy. Ah Jat joked, "So you are the one, you are so evil! I hate you!" Ah Jat even said that in reality actors often were tempted by money and made movies for salary. They lacked a type of sincerity.

Hu Ge graciously claimed to be a Joey fan. "Take a look at the Joey fans in the audience. They are all wearing yellow, so I am wearing yellow too!" Hu Ge's Cantonese was not great but because of this film it rapidly improved. He even thanked Joey for teaching him Cantonese and in turn saving his life. "She taught me to say 'let's go to dinner tonight' in Cantonese. After that as soon as I heard that I knew I would be eating. Otherwise I might have starved to death."

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