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Who says romance in idol movies have to have passionate scenes to stimulate the audience's eyeballs? Japanese model Linah Matsuoka and Chrissie Chau Sau Na's junior colleague Dominic Ho Ho Man in their new film played an innocent romance. This pair could not be bother with the other actors' "action scenes" stealing the spotlight. Dominic said, "We don't mind. Everyone's route is different. Ours is a pure love. If a movie only has action scene, too much of it would be tiring. So you have to watch something with drama." Linah agreed, "I feel bed scene isn't necessary. The love story between the DJ and the policeman is very special, and I like it very much too."

Although they did not have any bed scene, kiss scene of course could not be avoided. Yet they were never serious, during the shoot comedy ensued. Dominic said, "She laughed while she kissed, but I didn't what she was laughing at. We ended up having to shoot it several times. Although I didn't feel much, she is a pretty good kisser." Linah seemed to be savoring the moment. she said, "This scene was pretty romantic, I am very satisfied with the result."

They look very well matched. During the interview they could not stop playing. Although Dominic is already with someone, he still praised Linah as a nice girl and was not afraid of any rumor. He said, "I like happy girls, and she is always so happy. People say that Japan are many pretty girls. I say some have come to Hong Kong. She is just one of them." Even so, he did not forget to ease his girlfriend's mind. "However the electricity is just limited to in the movie. Before the kiss scene I told my girlfriend so I wasn't afraid of her misunderstanding."

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