Sunday, August 26, 2012


The musical number stumps many candidates
Kay Tse asks Roxanne Tong who her favorite singer is but  as she is about to kiss up to Kay, Kay asks her to sing a few lines of her song.  Tong despite saying that she is not familiar with the lyrics still sings.
Melanie McAndrew's Chinese proficiency shows when Edmond So asks her how many times  has she dated and she answers 3 months.  When the hosts jokingly asks if she changes boyfriend every 3 months she actually answers yes.  She realizes from the roaring audience that she is in trouble and asks Edmond So to ask the question again, but Edmond So does not relent and asks it again in Chinese.  Host Amigo Choi has to translate before she answers she has never dated.

Natalie Tong dodges sharing the stage with her ex Amigo Choi but still falls to Eric Tsang's ribbing
TVB stars are paired with the candidates in a chat segment that is cut short

Christine Kuo, Shirley Yeung
Hyman Chu, Rebecca Zhu, Whitney Hui
G.E.M. receives online praises on her beauty
Koni Lui, Kenny Wong Tak Bun
Former Miss Hong Kongs like Gigi Chiu, Ellen Wong judge the Miss Photogenic segment
Robin Lee and Christine Auyeung
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Andy Lau's eyes are glued to Japanese magician Cyril Takayama's performance with Kay Tse's hand
Carina Lau, Andy Lau
TVB pairs two less than fluent Cantonese speakers Melanie McAndrew and King Kong for a chat
Hosts Amigo Choi, Nat Chan, Eric Tsang, and Tsang Bo Yi are rendered useless due to the segments.
Carina Lau
Samantha Ko
Myolie Wu
Wayne Lai, Christine Kuo
Miss Hong Kong 2011 Rebecca Zhu, Whitney Hui
Sharon Chan
Aimee Chan
Mandy Cho, Gigi Chiu, Ellen Wong

Shirley Yeung, Ben Wong Chi Yin

Carat Cheung wins with her composure
Dark horse Jacqueline Wong impresses with her words
Tracy Chu gives a consistent performance and has artist support but is only the second runner up
Christy Chan
Cynthia Tsang
Roxanne Tong, daughter of Tong Chun Yip
Jennifer Shum wins Miss Photogenic
TVB arranges for its young stars to be guests
While Sir Run Run Shaw did not make an appearance, Mona Fong appeared in his place
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The 2012 Miss Hong Kong pageant took place last night at the Tseung Kwan O Television City. Originally this pageant marked the one vote per person process as viewer voting determined the top three, finally due to a server crash no one got to vote. The democracy became fake democracy as the city erupted in anger. Finally the jury selected favorite Carat Cheung Ming Nga to be the new Miss Hong Kong as well as Miss International Goodwill. The first runner up is "dark horse" Jacqueline Wong Sum Wing and the second runner up is Tracy Chu Chin Suet. Miss Photogenic is Jennifer Shum Hung Yin.

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