Wednesday, August 29, 2012


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Daniel Chan Hiu Tung in the film WE NOT NAUGHTY (HAI JI BUT WAI) played a loving teacher CK. In one scene he streaked to fulfill a promise he made to the students. During the shoot, Chan Hiu Tung only wore a pair of underwear. At first the director joked, "The special effect costs a lot of money, it's not like you don't have a butt. Since you have one, just shoot it!" Chan Hiu Tung struggled for a long time before hand. Luckily his fans saved him and asked the director to try to show from the back. The long range shot felt like he was naked and after the censorship blocks it would be nude.

Chan Hiu Tung said that the location was remote and very windy. After several hours he was covered in goose bumps; however he was confident that he was very strong and would not caught a cold.

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