Friday, August 10, 2012


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Pinky Cheung Man Chi recently worked on the gospel film IN THE NAME OF LOVE (YUN OI JI MING) and played a couple with Lam Man Lung. The film was based on a real story. Man Lung who played a murderer received Pinky's forgiveness and got through the tough times together. When asked whether she would be just as magnanimous with her other half in real life, she said, "I think I would be a pretty magnanimous wife, the bottom line is men can't hit women."

Pinky was invited to work on her first gospel film and was even invited to attend the premiere in Australia next month. She was very excited, but she might have a "schedule conflict" with the Kaohsiung, Taiwan Chinese barbecue shop opening. She said, "I think I will choose to go to Australia, even if I have to pay myself."

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