Sunday, August 19, 2012


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Peter Chan Ho Sun's new film earlier held a new film title recruitment. Finally MR. CHINA won with 37.6% of the votes. Chan Ho Sun in the early draft of the script already put his mind on the title. Because the screen writing team could not go to an agreement on the title, they just handed the decision to the viewers with an online survey. The title with the most vote would become the official title. On the microblog alone over 3,500 votes were cast. Finally MR. CHINA won, which happened to be Chan Ho Sun's choice as well. Because the film was about the dream of three university friends working together to found an English training school, "Mr." was a respectful title for a teacher. Mr. China's English school, Chan Ho Sun felt, had a delicate humor and irony. Thus this title was his favorite.

Yesterday Chan Ho Sun invited the media to visit the Beijing set and interview the three leads Huang Xiaoming, Deng Chao and Tong Dawei. Huang Xiaoming who was in a costume fitting was with multiple Hong Kong Film Award and Golden Horse Award winning costume designer Dora Ng Lei Lo. Earlier the three leads' nostalgic costumes have already been released, yesterday on the setting they looked quite modern. After years of toiling they became "big shots". After they left their luxury vehicles reporters flocked to interview them. Chan Ho Sun revealed that the film after completing its Mainland shoot at the end of August will continue to shoot in New York. The film is expected to finish by the end of September.

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