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Joey Yung lost her beloved cat "Mui Mui"
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Joey Yung Cho Yi last night attended the DIVA premiere with Chapman To Man Jat, director Heiward Mak Hei Yan and others. Earlier her boyfriend Wilfred Lau Ho Lung (Si Hing) had a birthday. Cho Yi said that she was in the Mainland and was not free to celebrate the first birthday as a couple with her boyfriend. She also said that she would no longer talk about her personal life, resisting connecting her name to love as if she wanted to keep a low profile on it.

Yung Cho Yi and To Man Jat last night promoted the new film. Joey was in a great mood and even took the chance to promote the Ah Jat starred VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET). She said that VULGARIA was not vulgar at all, which made everyone laugh. Joey could not help but poke fun at herself, "I rarely speak, everyone is laughing so happily." Later Joey also praised how amazing Ah Jat was and wished that DIVA could continue VULGARIA's momentum. Joey said, "I have been promoting in the Mainland and only returned to Hong Kong two nights ago. I learned that the online advanced sales trend has been decent, I was much more relaxed." Speaking of the the ticket price being slashed in half to promote sales, Joey said that she did not read the report. The most important was the film's response from the first two days. She said, "No matter how many audience appreciation events I will go to it's not a problem. I will put all of my effort into promoting."

Speaking of her boyfriend Si Hing's birthday earlier, she reiterated that she would no longer respond. As for whether she cooked or gave a make up gift, she still declined to comment. "I am not talking! Thank you for everyone's concern. I don't want for the news to revolve around this every time." Joey felt that if she responded every time she would agree to keep connecting the names. Thus she chose to be a little more merciless. Did she not want her name to be linked to Si Hing? She said, "I don't want to be connected to love completely because this is my private life. People who know would understand." Has she reached an understanding with her boyfriend? She stressed, "I am not saying it again."

Ah Jat wore a "gold Rolex", which he joked that it was the only watch that he did not pawn. He has pawned many before. Was he getting richer lately? He said, "Now I am making a star salary, and spending on assistant expenses." Speaking of his VULGARIA defeating Tony Leung Chiu Wai's THE SILENT WAR (TING FUNG JEH), Ah Jat was not satisfied with herself. He only said, "My achievement of this lifetime cannot be compared to Wai Jai's. Comments like that are unfair. Wai Jai's film made over 100 million in the Mainland. The strongest in Hong Kong, AVATAR, only made around the same." Ah Jat said that Hong Kong's population of 7 million could not compare to the Mainland's 1.3 billion. He only wanted to make domestic productions. He also revealed that Sunday he will pick up plastic pellets at Big Wave Bay and promote VULGARIA. He urged people to volunteer for the pellet collection in exchange for film tickets.

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