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At age 23 in the 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN
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Martial art star Gordon Liu (Lau Ka Fai) after a fall in August last year suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. After a year of therapy, Lau Ka Fai is recovering. According to friends, he has been actively accepting physical therapy in hopes of standing up again and bring back "Lau Ka Fai".

Last year Lau Ka Fai was hospitalized, the condition was severed as he was rumored to be half paralyzed; the always agile star became disillusioned. He transferred from Queen Elizabeth Hospital to Kowloon hospital for treatment, due to a stroke he was immobile.

The 57 year old Lau Ka Fai months ago was admitted into a care and attention homes for the elderly. Earlier Lau Ka Fai's friends and relatives took him to a nearby restaurant for dim sum. Lau Ka Fai was in a wheelchair and friends pushed him out of the home. He wore a baseball cap, medical mask, a polo shirt, pajamas bottom and sneakers. Although he was much slimmer than before, he appeared to be in decent spirit. Friends and relatives spent over a hour at afternoon tea with him before pushing the wheelchair bound Lau Ka Fai back to the home.

Because Lau Ka Fai declined outside contact after hospitalization, only a few industry insiders were able to visit him and rumors about his condition were numerous. Reportedly Lau Ka Fai after the stroke was paralyzed on the right side of his body, less than mobile and slurring in speech. Among the friends who were with Lau Ka Fai were good friend and assistant Eva; reportedly Eva was also Amy Fan Yik Man's assistant. The reporter contacted Amy for an understanding. Amy said that several days ago she also visited Lau Ka Fai and his recovery has been going great.

Amy said that Brother Ka Fai was in recovery. In comparison to his condition after the stroke last year he has made tremendous progress already. He could stand. Why he was in a wheelchair in and out of the home? She said that Brother Ka Fai was actively accepting physical therapy. Due to a stroke he was not as mobile as before but his mobility has already improved. Due to the distance from the home to the restaurant it was more difficult for him to walk, so the wheelchair was more convenient. As for slurring speech, Amy said, "When Brother Ka Fai wants to talk he talks very orderly and clearly, especially when it is a topic that he likes. When he gets frustrated and doesn't want to talk, he would simply say 'keep quiet', 'very frustrated' and even turn silent. Every time he hears his co-workers miss him, he would happily smile."

Amy also said that Eric Tsang Chi Wai's visit was a huge encouragement. Chi Wai gave him an iPad, now everyday he would watch his movies and listen to songs. He loved to sing the Grasshoppers' PARADISE LOST (SUT LOK YUEN). He needed care very much. After Chi Wai's visit his confidence was greatly increased. Everyday he would work hard on physical therapy. Amy did not talk to him about work, but right now he is very positive. Of course he wanted to completely recover and return to work.

Lau Ka Fai reportedly had family trouble and his family did not take care of him? Amy was uncertain about other people's family matter and was not at liberty to discuss, but as far as she understood Lau Ka Fai's finances had no problem. Due to his great relationships with industry insiders, many friends have offered to help.

The reporters also contacted his assistant Eva. She said that Lau Ka Fai's physical theraphy has made huge progress. She could help him walk for awhile and he was not paralyzed as rumored. As for rumors about Lau Ka Fai's condition, she said that the condition was that bad. Making him sound pitiful would affect the patient as well. He now has many suitable care and many people's care. Everyone ewants to see him stand up again and recover to the Lau Ka Fai of before.

Lau Ka Fai last year worked on TVB's WISH AND SWITCH (WOON LOK MO KUNG) but was recast due to the hospitalization. He still is a TVB contract artist. Artist resource director Elaine Lok Yi Ling said that she has always kept up with Lau Ka Fai's condition and knew he had progress. He has not asked the company for assistance and only wanted some private space to recover.

The Performing Artist Guild pointed out that Lau Ka Fai for now did not want any outside contact. The stuntman reunion's stunt people wanted to visit him but Lau Ka Fai did not want to yet. Tsang Chi Wai has set up a fund, as long as Lau Ka Fai's family had needs he would gladly assist.

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