Friday, August 31, 2012


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Recently Angelababy has caught the eye of a Beijing film company, which plans to make her the female lead in the Chinese version of ROMAN HOLIDAY and turn her into the classic goddess Audrey Hepburn! Next year will be the ROMAN HOLIDAY's 60th anniversary, a Beijing film company saw an opportunity and purchased the remake right from the U.S. company. Famous Hong Kong director Fruit Chan Gor will direct. As for the male leads, the film company is interesting in Jacky Cheung Hok Yau and popular Mainland actor Wen Zhang.

The film will start production next year and the team will fly to Rome, Italy for the location shoot. Baby after transforming into Hepburn will visit local historical structures. Director Chan Gor admitted that the film company has approached him about the film. "Someone asked me but it still doesn't have a title yet. Someone also suggested the female lead to be Baby. (Do you feel she has the right aura?) She is fine but nothing has been confirmed yet. (Is the copyright very expensive?) I don't know about that."

Baby's manager remained reserved. She said, "For now no one has made contact." Cheung Hok Yau said that for now he has not heard any news.

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