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Yang Ya-Che, Kwai Siu-Mei, Rhydian Vaughn, Joseph Chang
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The 2012 Summer International Film Festival opening ceremony took place two nights ago. The event invited the opening film GIRLFRIEND BOYFRIEND leads Joseph Chang Hau Chuen, Rhydian Vaughn (Fung Siu Ngok) and Kwai Lun-Mei and director Yang Ya-Che to attend.

Chang Hau Chuen and Fung Siu Ngok had a kiss scene in the film. Chang Hau Chuen pointed out that before the shoot he knew no idea because Siu Ngok and the director came up with it. However this scene was very helpful to the dramatic development. He admitted though he was a little threatened because Siu Ngok suddenly kissed him. He was not embarrassed. In the film Hau Chuen also had to bare his back. He said that Siu Mei played a trick on his character. He thought it was pretty fun. Did he train more before hand? Hau Chuen said that his figure was still good and he still worked the way he did before.

Chang Hau Chuen earlier with this film won the Taipei Film Festival Best Actor award. When asked about the confidence of winning other awards, he admitted that he did not think much about it. He only hoped that everyone would like this film, which performed decently in Taiwan.

Siu Mei and Fung Siu Ngok played a couple in the film and also had a kiss scene.

Speaking of her boyfriend Leon Dai praising her performance as the best out of the three, Siu Mei laughed and said, "Thank you!"

In addition, director Yang Ya-Che pointed out that the film had great response after a week in release in Taiwan. Now his pressure has lessen and he hoped the film in Hong Kong would have just as good word of mouth.

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