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NAKED WEAPON (JUET SIK MO HEI) two nights ago held its premiere. Producer Wong Jing led leads Andy Tien (On Chi Kit), Jennifer Tse Ting Ting and Philip Ng Won Lung to pray for the new film to be a big hit. Patrick Tse Yin, Deborah Li and Moustache Kong attended in support of their daughter. Reportedly Wong Jing planned to bring back the 90s classic GOD OF GAMBLERS (DOH SUN). He clarified that he only considered a police film. He said, "This will not be GOD OF GAMBLERS 4. I also have gathered Fat Gor and Ting Fung, of course I hope the script would pass inspection. I also have to coordinate actor schedules." Brother Jing admitted that both top male stars were interested, but they would depend on the female lead, the roles and scripts to be able to accommodate. Speaking of the female lead being his favorite Tong Fei, Brother Jing responded, "I still plan to find a top Mainland female star to perform." Speaking of the talk of a GOD OF GAMBLERS, Brother Jing said, "No! This is already a classic. The copyright isn't in my hands, so it can't be made." He said that he planned for Andrew Lau Wai Keung to produce the police film while he will direct.

In addition, he was rumored to be bringing Deanie Ip Tak Han with him back to TVB for a series. Brother Jing said, "I predict it will be March next year, but because it hasn't started production I am not officially confirming." Brother Jing said that he has not considered asking Andy Lau Tak Wa, but Sister Deanie was already 90%. Speaking of this homecoming, Brother Jing said that it was only a series collaboration with TVB so it was not a return. He said, "It's just like working with ATV on series earlier. Due to Mainland investment partners, a lot have not been confirmed."

As for becoming Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King)'s successor, Ting Ting thought that she needed more training. She said, "I of course wanted to be in the same class as her." Her boyfriend On Chi Kit supported his girlfriend and said that she had no problem. Has he thought about teaching Ting Ting kung fu? Andy replied, "I don't know how, I have to wait for Ng Won Lung." On Chi Kit admitted that before the shot he was worried about his girlfriend getting hurt, but later he realized that she was a rather quick learner at kung fu. Speaking of a romantic film together, Ting Ting said, "I don't have a problem, I hope to have a chance to fight my boyfriend too." Andy laughed and said that he would be reluctant to hit her. Speaking of Ting Fung and Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi's reunion rumor, Sei Gor said, "That's crazy!"

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