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The Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Lau Ching Wan, Mini Yang Mi starred THE BULLET VANISHES (SIU SUT DIK JI DAN) will be released on September 13 in Hong Kong. Yang Mi in the film played a fortune teller with a bird. Because of the information she provided Tse Ting Fung enemies showed up at her doorstep. Ting Fung risked his life to save her and fought off the enemies. Finally he saved her with his invincible shooting.

For this scene, a thug who was trying to kill Yang Mi beat her until her face was swollen. The team at first hoped to create Yang Mi's injuries with special effect make up. During the shoot however the thug punched toward Yang Mi, who was not able to dodge it in time and her face instantly became swollen.

In another scene, Yang Mi needed to be thrown to the ground then kicked. The scene was shot five or six times before director Law Chi Leung was satisfied. Poor Yang Mi's head hit the ground hard time and time again and Law Chi Leung's heart could not ache more. Finally he could not help but run over to see whether Yang Mi was truly injured. The professional yang Mi only boldly told the director, "I am fine, don't worry about me. Keep shooting!"

Ting Fung did not have an easy time in this shoot either. He had to fight two thugs. For realism, all the actors fought hard. After the shoot Ting Fung could not be more tired.

The thugs who took a beating from Ting Fung rammed toward a light box and a glass window and needed wires for the shoot. The detail minded Ting Fung in order to ensure the extra's safety asked them to be very careful time and again and to watch his gesture and react. For the glass breaking scene, two extras went backward and the glass shattered, covering Tse Ting Fung all over. Some almost hit Ting Fung's eyes. He and Yang Mi for this "heroic rescue" scene truly have suffered.

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