Thursday, August 16, 2012


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Coming to Hong Kong to promote the new film GIRLFRIEND BOYFRIEND, Taiwan female star Kwai Lun-Mei two nights ago attended a fashion show. As for the recently popular Hong Kong film VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET), Siu mei said, "I also paid attention to this film, I heard the box office was decent but I didn't catch it in time."

Siu Mei yesterday already returned to Taiwan, she hoped to be able to leave Hong Kong before the storm. Did she miss her boyfriend Leon Dai? Siu Mei stressed that work came first for her. "My future job will be mainly making movies." Has she considered marriage? She stressed, "For now I haven't thought about it. Marriage doesn't need to be planned. If suddenly we get the feeling then we would wed. I won't eliminate that we may get married in a flash." Siu Mei also said, "Marriage isn't the most important in a relationship. Being together is the most important. Boyfriend hasn't proposed yet."

Recently a Taiwan rich kid was involved in drugging, raping and taking many female stars' photos. Was any woman around her involved? She said, "My friends in the business are only Chen Bo-Lin, (Joseph) Chang Hau Chuen and Fung Siu Ngok (Rhydian Vaughn). All are guys." Would she ask her male friends not to take photos? Siu Mei said, "They probably wouldn't."

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