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Leo Ku Kui Ke, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung and Stephanie Cheng Yung yesterday attended an event. Si Hing due to his high profile admission of dating Joey Yung Cho Yi attracted a lot of negative news. Thus he was not willing to talk more about his love life. He has been absent from the promotion of his movie with Joey, DIVA. He did not celebrate with his first birthday with Joey. Yesterday Si Hing actually had time to attend the event. Although he looked displeased when asked about his relationship with Joey, he admitted that his love life was happy. As for being absent from the promotion, Si Hing explained that everyday he has been working on his new series SECOND LIFE for 14 hours. He truly had no way of appearing due to the scheduling conflict; yesterday's event was planned long ago so he had time to attend. Was he worried that the focus of the promotion would be on his relationship with Joey? He said, "No, indeed I have been busy. I will have to work until September 15. Then I will go to Vanuatu for a travel special. If I have time I would definitely promote the film."

Yesterday DIVA producer Chapman To Man Jat was also present and even stated that he had to question Si Hing why he was absent from the promotion. Si Hing said, "Tell him to question me! Today I am promoting as an actor." He also denied that he was pressured from promoting. His schedule was so tight that he only had a day off for his birthday. Did Joey appear to celebrate? He said, "No, I really was very busy. (Has you not seen Joey since the series began?) No comment. (Did she give you a gift?) No." A magazine caught him looking displeased at a night spot. He explained that was because he gained 20 pounds. "I used to be very fit. It's very hard to get over that. (Does Joey like your strong arm?) I don't like to have a big belly. Hopefully I will get thin again."

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